i'm maddie :)
Denver. student. lover of life and laughter.
photo geek, concert addict, music business hopeful, & did I mention student?
this place is for me to organize my thoughts, let go, and lose myself in the things i love:
photography. summer. music business. Denver. sunsets. architecture. technology. Batman. instant film. funny things. local music. art. surf&skate. Apple. college. anything & everything that catches my eye.
I Fight Dragons merch girl on Warped Tour 2012.

I am living the life I only could have dreamed of...and loving every single second of it.

fair warning: I am about to BLOW up your feed. don’t say i didn’t warn you.

I did not set up a queue before going back to school, but i really should have. I’ve been liking posts for the past month, and i’m just going through and re-blogging the shit out of all of them. 

I’m finally, FINALLY back. My poor neglected blog, i love you. No more posts only from Instagr.am, haha.  

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